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treadmill Innovation—The life of the product

treadmill Innovation is an attitude, a responsibility, and a pursuit of the perfect product.

Today, in the new era, we must bravely shoulder the burden, dare to innovate, and turn our ideas into reality. Only innovation can enhance the vitality of products, win the market, and win the future. Organizational innovation is the foundation of enterprise management, and the life of products lies in innovation.

As a leading enterprise in the city’s sports industry, Lijiujia has always been mainly doing the business of foreign trade export, and knows the importance of brand influence to enterprises, but didn’t find suitable opportunities to practice it.

In 2020, Lijiujia reached a strategic partnership with Honor(a famous mobile phone brand in China) to develop 8520 treadmill.

Treadmill 8520
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Treadmill 8520

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As well known in all industry, Honor company has very high standards and strict requirements for treadmill performance and quality. During the process of development, we faced many technical and production challenges:

  • The left and right side are deflected after the column gear fixed structure is welded;

(2) The magnetic levitation flexible treadmill has hidden dangers of upper edge fracture and channeling quality.

(3) Due to the new rotary structure of instruments and handrails, mass production cannot be carried out in the final assembly line.

(4) The consistency of the instrument and the handrail rotation match gap cannot be effectively controlled.

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The above challenges lead to the superposition of problems that produce 80% of defective products and cannot be mass-produced, and the output is only a measly more than 50pcs a day. With hardworking for days and nights, our team did discussions, put forward plans, arguments, overturns, proposes, and then arguments, and overthrows… Finally, under the guidance of Executive Vice President, the R&D team members tried again and again, round by round, modified, optimized, and formulated a single-point breakthrough policy for each problem, verified the plan every single day.

After more than 2 months to overcome difficulties, the product qualification rate became more than 95%, and the output jumped from 50-80 units to more than 150 units.

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After several months of production and the research, it was finally decided to start the development of the second generation 8520 product project (that is our current model 8521), which required that it must make breakthroughs in product quality and quantity, and achieve the goal of 400 units per day through technological innovation. The specific project was led by the R&D team to lead the redesign and development. After receiving the task, the R & D department held meetings to study and demonstrate to find a breakthrough to solve the problem, and finally found out the point affecting the output was that the console assembly was put in the final assembly line, resulting in the most complex part, once having problems, will occupy the resources of the entire assembly line and force it to stop. After finding the root, the R&D team launched our Honor second-generation treadmill 8521 under the guidance of several months of design demonstration and innovative ideas, and achieved gratifying results of more than 500 units per day with the strong support of various departments of the company.

We are dedicated to meet customer needs, ensure quality, quantity and delivery to complete every order of customers, adhere to technological innovation and maintain the lifeline of products.

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