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Zhejiang Lijiujia was named the official sponsor of the China Karate national team

Lijiujia Joins Hands with the National Team to Promote the Development of National Fitness

On May 18, China Karate Association reached a cooperation with Zhejiang Lijiujia, and authorized Lijiujia to become the official sponsor of China Karate National Team and China Karate Association. In the future, the “fitness training” products of Lijiujia brand will guarantee the new label and new identity of “China karate national Team preparation”, providing high-quality, professional and reliable training equipment and corresponding training guidance for professional athletes and karate sports enthusiasts.

sponsors of the Chinese Karate national team
Made by Lijiujia

The two sides aim to jointly promote the development of national fitness, and will focus on karate sports to popularize and promote karate in a wider range, especially among teenagers and families, especially. Through the combination of professional teams and professional training equipment, both sides will inherit and innovate the sports spirit, popularize sports training and health knowledge, and create a more scientific and healthy sports environment for the majority of karate enthusiasts.

China Sports Expo 
zhejiang lijiujia
CEO tian fang
Lijiujia 2024 Sports Expo booth-Lijiujia photo

In the opening of the 2024 China international sports goods fair, the state general administration of sports training bureau career development Lu Yu during the exhibition to the long good booth, to, the combination of the two sides, “cooperation” benchmarking warm congratulations, and opposite long good products, opposite long time spare no effort to support China karate sports professional training, promotion and comprehensive development measures expressed heartfelt thanks and appreciation.

Sports Expo
zhejiang lijiujia
sponsors of the Chinese Karate national team
Lijiujia 2024 Sports Expo booth-Lijiujia photo

It is understood that in the current sports expo, lijiujia site showed the company’s latest research and development of the new treadmill and spinning bike, attracting many customers at home and abroad, professional audience and industry insiders attention.

sponsors of the Chinese Karate national team
zhejiang lijiujia
Sales and technical teams
Photo taken by Lijiujia Sports Expo booth-Lijiujia

Karate, formerly known as “Tang Hand”, is a martial arts program originated in China, prevalent in the world, and is practiced in the form of combat and exercise. With more than 100 million people in the world, covering nearly 200 member countries and regions on five continents, It is one of the most popular martial arts programs among young people in the world.

Zhejiang Lijiujia was named the official sponsor of the China Karate national team 8

Since its establishment in March 2007, the Chinese Karate National team has developed rapidly, representing China in the Asian Games, World Championships, Olympic Games and other international events, and achieved remarkable results. Chinese karate athletes such as Li Hong, Yin Xiaoyan, Gong Li and Li Qiaoqiao have made great achievements in domestic and foreign competitions and won honors for China.

Chinese Karate National Team
Zhejiang Lijiujia was named the official sponsor of the China Karate national team 9

Zhejiang Lijiujia Sports Equipment Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of treadmills and other fitness equipment, with 118 authorized patents, and at least 10 new patents every year since 2021. The company’s products are sold to more than 80 countries and regions around the world. From 2019 to 2023, the company ranked first in Jinhua treadmill industry for five consecutive years. Lijiujia pays attention to talent training and the physical and mental health development of teenagers, which coincides with the concept of China Karate Association. Therefore, it has become the mission and vision of Zhejiang Lijiujia Sports Equipment Co., Ltd. to pay attention to karate and the spirit of sports and help more Chinese families achieve their health.

zhejiang lijiujia factory
Photo taken by Lijiujia Factory area-Lijiujia

With “health must” for the concept, now the long good based on family fitness equipment industry, with nearly 20 years of fitness equipment research and development, production experience, the future will further with China karate and China karate association play resource advantage, common focus on “health first” education concept, to help teenagers enjoy fun in physical exercise, enhance physical fitness, sound personality, temper will, to cultivate morality, intelligence and physique comprehensive development of socialist builders and successors in a brand effort.

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