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How Lijiujia sports Achieved Record Employee resumption rate in 2024

The Spring Festival of 2024 has passed, bringing with it new opportunities and challenges for the year ahead. According to the latest statistical data, the return-to-work rate for managerial positions in our company has reached 100%, while the return-to-work rate for grassroots employees is also as high as 80%.

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2024 Lijiujia Happy New Year!

This figure is more than just a number; it represents the overall steady development of our company and the spirit of unity and hard work among our employees. It signifies the loyalty and sense of responsibility our employees hold towards the company, as well as their enthusiasm for their work. By immediately returning to their positions in the new year, they have provided a stable guarantee for the company’s operations.

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2024 Lijiujia Sports

We must express our gratitude to all the employees who have returned to work. It is because of their hard work and unity that we were able to achieve such pleasing results in 2023.

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New Year’s Employee resumption bonus
New Years Employee resumption bonus 2024 02 29 18 54 49 290201
How Lijiujia sports Achieved Record Employee resumption rate in 2024 5

2024 is a year full of hope and challenges. We will continue to work together in unity, constantly improve ourselves, and contribute to the company’s development. Let us join hands and work together to write a new chapter in the development of the company.

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