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Esports athletes require more physical exercise

Esports World Cup
EWC 2024

The Esports World Cup is hailed as the largest global event of its kind

  On July 3rd, Beijing time, the world’s largest esports event – the first Esports World Cup (EWC for short) was grandly opened in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. This grand esports event includes 21 globally popular game projects. More than 1,500 players from top esports clubs around the world will compete for a total prize pool of over 60 million US dollars in the next eight weeks. This is the highest prize record in the history of esports. Among them, 20 million US dollars is the club ranking bonus, which will be shared by the top 16 clubs ranked by cross-project points. The club ranked first will be crowned as the world’s first Esports World Cup club champion at the closing ceremony.

  During this period, an interesting thing happened in the Chinese esports circle. The LPL teams BLG and TES participated in the “League of Legends” project of this Esports World Cup. Before departing for Riyadh, a well-known player of TES complained in a live broadcast that the organizer of the Esports World Cup only reimbursed the economy class airfare for the club to travel there, and upgrading to business class required self-payment, which was equivalent to playing the game at a loss. He also said that because it takes more than ten hours to fly and the comfort level of economy class is much worse, the players would be very tired. This statement was criticized by the older generation of Chinese esports players, who said that the new generation of esports players rarely endure hardships and are not as hardworking as the older generation. The related topic has sparked considerable discussion within the circle.

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Common chronic diseases in esports

  Esports is an extremely talent-dependent mental sport because it has high requirements for the brain in terms of reaction speed and instant decision-making. This sport combines the thinking and decision-making of chess games and the fine operations of sports. These two operations and choices need to be completed in a very short time, which makes the threshold in the professional field of esports extremely high. However, a person’s brain reaction speed and physical strength will gradually weaken with age. Although players can accumulate experience through competitions, they may still encounter problems where their awareness cannot keep up with their operations. The average age of professional esports players is usually no more than 30 years old because most players have begun to lag behind younger players in terms of concentration and reaction. There are too many extremely talented esports players who retired early due to sitting for long periods and injuries caused by long-term training. Therefore, in order to better extend the life cycle of esports, players need to have good physical and mental qualities.

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Treadmill with Massage machine

  If players do not have sufficient rest before the game and do not have good enough physical fitness, they are likely to perform poorly due to fatigue. Physical training can help players avoid psychological and fatigue problems caused by stress and better cope with the game. Esports requires players to maintain the best state at all times.

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  To avoid unnecessary harm to athletes caused by transitional physical training, it is particularly important to choose the correct training method. Choosing a fitness equipment to assist in training can achieve twice the result with half the effort. The 8573 treadmill is equipped with an intelligent air shock absorption system (patented by Lijiujia company) on its treadmill, which can effectively reduce the vibration caused by the rebound of the treadmill during running, making people feel like they are stepping on cotton with each foot, thereby reducing knee damage. With rebound assistance, you can even feel that running becomes easier and easier.Science and healthy exercise make your body healthier.

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