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Mainstream aerobic fitness equipment

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Our special services

We will provide you with exclusive product videos, high-definition images, and design posters.

OEM Service

We support personalized customization for treadmills,and we can match the actual needs of our customers in terms of function and design.

Flexible Customization

Realize client’s individual and specific demands. We helped one of our customers to realize a treadmill design with new armrests. This resulted in $600,000 in sales for her.

Purchase Integration

We have stable partners for other sports equipment.Decreasing the time and communication cost, we will select and integrate various supplier.

ODM Service

We've patented 30+ industry-leading treadmill designs. We've helped customers build their brands in the field of treadmills and already helped our some customers become the largest sellers and well-known brands in their country.

Small Orders

We are very willing to help our clients grow and develop. Besides that we have the ability to integrate small orders so there is no pressure for us to take small orders.

Million Dollar Project

We will classify our customers into customer levels and provide additional services for different levels.

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We have a very strong R&D capability and we design our new products every quarter.